12/2/2014 Last post

As my other classmate stated, this blog and my class has taken its toll on me….I am a talker…and I ran out of words. But I would like to leave my final post as a word of encouragement. I want to encourage everyone to volunteer for something, somewhere. If it’s an hour a year, do it. Teach your kids to as well. Teach them that you can help someone or something out there in the world and you will go away feeling better about yourself.
You will also realize there are still good people out there, sometimes it seems as if there is not.
One person CAN and will make a difference in the world.


11/25/2014 Ferguson

The day after the ferguson decision. I have opinions, yes, but I will keep them to myself. All that I will say is that I hope for my children’s sake’s, this world will someday change for the better. And I pray that my children will love people for who they are, not by their color, their age, boy or girl. And I hope that I am raising them to give and forgive the best that they know how.

11/17/2014 Weekly Blog

Not much new here to report.
We have not been up to the Humane Society in a couple weeks and it has been quiet at the food pantry since we just had that last Tuesday.
We have been encouraging people in our town to keep an eye out for the elderly in the cold weather and keep animals indoor if able.

11/11/2014 Happy Veteran’sDay!!!! Food Pantry Tuesday

Food Pantry this evening. We will be giving out a turkey to each family this month along with stuffing, potatoes, green beans and gravy. They will also get a can of corn along with milk, butter and the other staple foods we provide. We are averaging 60 to 70 families a month now when we first started we only provided for 6 families. I was at a birthday party this weekend, and came to find out there are people who “food pantry” shop, as I would like to call it. These are the families who already get monthly food stamps and still go to every food pantry offered in our county. I do not agree with this. The family of 5 I know, get $600 a month in food stamps, that is way more money that I could ever even think of spending on food for my family and I in a month. We eat cheap yes, but we eat, I cook, meals, not all processed foods and very seldom do we get a steak or anything like that unless if it is a family get together and others carry in side dishes. There is something wrong with this system, I think that these families deserve some assistance, but they should have to buy things that they can cook with, like eggs, milk, flour, bread, just to name a few, and not be allowed to purchase pop and empty calories such as bags and bags of chips for their family.


44 cats and dogs were spayed & neutered on Saturday with the Rascal Unit in Millersburg. Many were ‘stray’ cats that are being fed by caring individuals who don’t want to be overrun with more litters of kittens. Thank you for caring!! It was such a nice, fulfilling day spent with the animals and the people who help them. Unfortunately, my girls were not able to spend the day with me, they were at their dad’s house for the weekend. But I have signed us up to help again in February. We cuddled the scared dogs before they went in and cuddled them again when they were still sleepy and scared after their procedures. We got to see them reunited with their owners and wag those tails like crazy when they saw their owner after a long and scary day! The cats were all pretty much mad at the world when they woke up, my cat, who is a jerk most days, is still mad at me for taking away his manhood.


Following up on my post from last week, the sons of the lady who passed away are still staying in the home. The electric and water have been shut off and the police have served papers to them to ask them to leave. I have heard for sure that this is an elder abuse case.
We have signed up for the RASCAL unit this weekend courtesy of the humane society. It offers low cost vaccines and a spay/neuter program. We have actually signed up our wiener dog and jerk boy cat as well as my boyfriends dads pup he got after his dog passed away this summer. The humane society makes a small profit on this program and it also provides a low cost “birth control” to the local pets.

10/21/2014 A rant

So I feel like I have been talking myself up a little with this blog. Trying to better our community when I come to find out that my elderly neighbor lady, who lived with her 2 sons, was malnourished and neglected up unto her death last week. Her house is literally next door, I can look out my bedroom window to her bedroom window, of course, my blinds are always closed as were hers. I knew she was alive, I knew from her daughter that she was a hoarder, but I also knew that I had not seen her for at least 3 years. I never questioned that, I assumed her sons were caring for her properly. But I should not have, I should have called someone and just asked for a quick welfare check and they could have seen the squalor she lived in.I saw the 20 plus cats they have in their yard but they always have food and straw to stay warm but, I also saw they go in and out of the house through a broken window in her upstairs. I assumed that she was OK, but she wasn’t. I guess all that I can say now is that if you know someone who “keeps to themselves” or is a known “hoarder” if you don’t have the guts to knock on the door, call someone who will. And that is my rant for the day.